To keep leveraged positions open, traders will be required to hold a certain percentage of the value of the position as collateral (115%). If this is not fulfilled, the position will be liquidated. Your liquidation point cannot be changed if you are using Isolated Margin. However if you are using Cross Margin - any deposits, withdrawals and trades can impact your collateralization level and thus your liquidation level.

What happens if I get liquidated?

Liquidation involves automatically using collateral in the position to buy back the borrowed asset to repay principal + interest. Whatever is left over after this will be returned back to the trader, minus a liquidation fee of 5%.

For example, if you have $112-worth of collateral assets and $100-worth of borrowed assets, then your account is not collateralized by at least 115%. Then any other account can repay your $100-worth of borrowed assets in exchange for $105-worth of your collateral. This would leave your account or position with $7-worth of assets remaining.

Can I participate in liquidations?

Yes, anyone can liquidate a risky account or position. The easiest way to get started is to check out our open-source liquidation bot at

In the case of multiple people attempting to liquidate the same account in-full, it is first-come, first-served.

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