Where do I access limit orders on dYdX?

Limit orders are currently available only on the ETH-DAI market - specifically the ETH-DAI ‘dYdX’ market. Once this market is selected from the market dropdown, you will see the option to select Market or Limit in the Trade bar. 

What’s the difference between all the markets (Oasis, Radar, dYdX)?

Think about these as different execution venues. If any of the Oasis and Radar markets are chosen - the only available order type is a market order. The only market that supports limit orders is the dYdX ETH-DAI market. 

How is a limit order on dYdX different from other exchanges?

Limit orders on dYdX are different to other DEXs in that funds need to be in your account before any limit orders can be placed. This account is the same account where you may have already deposited to earn interest, or collateralized to borrow. dYdX uses off chain orders and on chain settlement - orders are matched by dYdX. In this way - it is similar in principle to other matching model DEXs such as Paradex. 

Is there a minimum trade size for limit orders?

The minimum size for a limit order is .1 ETH. Orders below this size will not be accepted. 

Can I submit multiple limit orders on the same market? 

Yes - you can submit as many orders as desired, so long as they are above the minimum threshold.

Can I place limit orders on margin? 

Yes - limit orders can be places on margin so long as you maintain a sufficient collateral ratio - 125%. If you have open orders and your collateral ratio falls below that threshold, orders will be cancelled based on distance to mid-market price (closest to mid market will be cancelled first). This is because orders further away from mid market impact your collateralization level less than orders closer to mid market. 

What are the trading fees for limit orders? What about gas?

There are currently no fees on dYdX. Gas is covered by dYdX when using the ‘dYdX’ market for any trades given that dYdX is sending transactions on chain.

I get a "Something went wrong" error. What's wrong?

If you're using a MetaMask wallet, let us know in the Chat (in the Help dropdown).

If you're using some mobile wallet or using Trezor + MetaMask, please try enabling Legacy Signing in the wallet dropdown (in the upper right).

If you're using a Ledger, please try connecting your wallet without MetaMask (by disconnecting your wallet in the Wallet dropdown, and then connecting as Ledger). Or you can continue to use it with MetaMask if you enable the Legacy Signing option in the Wallet dropdown.

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