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Overview of the Trade Page
Overview of the Trade Page

For accessing perpetual contract trading

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Trade Sidebar

The trade sidebar for perpetual markets allows you to choose the market, leverage type, trade direction, order type and leverage.

Price Chart

The price chart is an easy way to view historical pricing with 1 day or 1 hour candlesticks. It incorporates all the standard tools and indicators that can be overlayed from TradingView.

Depth Chart

The depth chart is only visible when selected in the top right hand corner of the price chart. The depth chart is a visual representation of the order book that shows cumulative bids and asks and their prices.

Order Book

The order book shows the current open orders on dYdX. For both the bid side (buying the base asset of the trading pair) and ask side (selling the base asset of the trading pair), it displays size and price available. The spread between the top of the bid and ask side is displayed as well.

Positions / Balances Panel

For Perpetual Contract trading, the panel will show Open Position data with additional information relevant to perpetuals (such as funding and equity statistics).

Additionally, the panel will also have tabs that relate to limit orders and filled orders. Open Orders display limit orders that have been placed, but have not yet been executed. Filled Orders are orders that have been filled in the past. For a detailed view of all previous orders - see the History page.

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