dYdX allows two different order types - Market and Limit.

  • A Market order will execute immediately at the current market price
  • A Limit order will execute only when the other side of the market crosses your specified limit price

Market orders

  1. Select Market (default: ETH-DAI) in the upper-left corner of the Trade screen
  2. Select Long or Short 
  3. Enter an Amount - this is the total position size (if in "Margin" mode), or trade size in "Trade" mode

Market orders may generate some price slippage depending on the size of the trade. dYdX limits slippage to .5% to protect the trader. If it reaches an amount higher than this, the trade will fail. 

Limit orders

  1. Select the Trade tab in the trade-bar on the left-side of the Trade screen
  2. Select Buy or Sell
  3. Enter the quantity to be traded and your price

Limit orders have a default GTD of 28 days which can be changed.

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