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Are there fees to using dYdX?
Are there fees to using dYdX?
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For the most up to date trading fee schedule, please go to our:


Borrowing interest rates float depending on supply and demand and can be found on the Markets page. These fees are paid directly to lenders, not dYdX.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are no fees associated with deposits or withdraws on dYdX. However, the user is responsible for the gas cost of the deposit/withdraw transaction, which is paid to Ethereum miners.

An exception to this is for fast withdrawals on the Layer 2 Perpetual product. A 0.1% fee is charged to cover the cost of the liquidity needed to perform the fast withdrawal.


5% of all interest payments from borrowers are set aside to fund an insurance pool for the protocol. The rest of the interest payments are forwarded to lenders (prorated by the amount each lender is lending). The rate showed to lenders on the UI is the rate lenders receive; the 5% is already accounted for.


Liquidating a position requires a trade whereby the collateral of the position is sold to repay the borrowed funds. For Perpetuals, this carries a 1% fee.

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