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Understanding open orders
Understanding open orders
Written by David Gogel
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You can view your open limit or stop positions on the “Orders” tab on the bottom part of the trade page.

If you placed an order that has not be filled, you’ll be able to view details about your order like:

  • Status: this is the order type (Limit / Stop)

  • Side: Buy or Sell.

  • Amount / Filled: this is the amount of your order and how much of the open order has been filled.

  • Price: The limit price at which the order is placed.

  • Stop Price: The stop price at which the order is placed.

  • Good Til: Order will remain open, unless it is filled, until the Good Til date. The default value is 28 days, which can be changed when placing the order.

A user can cancel an open order at any time by clicking the red cross on the right of the order.

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