Closing Your Position
Written by David Gogel
Updated this week

Perpetuals contracts do not have an expiry date. A Perpetual position stays open until it is closed or it is liquidated due to adverse price movements.

To close a position, click on the "Positions" tab on the bottom part of the trade page. The “Close position ” button appear on the right side of the position row. Clicking this button will open up a modal, where you can specify exactly how much of your position you would like to close.

Clicking the “MAX” button will pre-fill the amount to fully close your position.

Once you have selected the parameters for your position, more fields will appear to provide additional details about your position and trade execution.

Once you have entered the amount you want to close, simply click “Close position”, and you should see a notification indicating the trade to close your position has been filled! The position will now disappear from the “Position” section.

You can also manually close your position by selling your long position or buying your short position. Manually closing your position allows you to use Limit and Stop orders which may reduce the execution price.

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