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How to trade on dYdX using imToken
How to trade on dYdX using imToken
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New version of dYdX is released today, which is a Layer 2 protocol for cross-margined perpetuals, based on StarkWare’s StarkEx scalability engine and dYdX’s Perpetual smart contracts. Traders can expect significantly lower gas costs, and in turn, much lower trading fees and minimum trade sizes.

Let’s try the new version of dYdX on imToken.

  1. Open imToken then go to 「Browser」and search 「dYdX」

2. Connect the imToken wallet and sign the sigure for generate Stark private key

3. You can use UserName and Email to create your account , then sign the sigure please.

4. Click「Register」to enable the layer 2. It registers your account in the StarkEx contract and needs to pay a gas fee. Sign the signature to connect your imToken wallet, meantime.

5. Enable the USDC for authorization on the chain, after that deposit the amount of USDC as a margin for a contract transaction.

6.Now you can choose the trading pair for 「Market Order」 or 「Limit Order」to trade.

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