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Leaderboard Calculations
Leaderboard Calculations

Below are the formulas that both the Dollar PNL and Percent PNL use to determine the rankings of all accounts on dYdX.

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For a given period:

Dollar PNL = (PNL at end of period) - (PNL at start of period)

Percent PNL = (Dollar PNL) / max(500, Starting Equity + Deposits During Period)

For the ALL_TIME period, the time period begins at January 1, 2021 00:00:00 UTC.

All PNLs are in USD.

**Deposits that occur after your last completed trade in a competition will not count towards your Percent PNL.

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WEEKLY: every 24 hours

MONTHLY: every 7 days

ALL_TIME: every 7 days

These update intervals are subject to change.

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