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Self Service Affiliate Links

FAQs on how self service affiliate links work on dYdX

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After completing the onboarding process, those who use affiliate links to refer new users to the exchange will be granted a revenue share while new traders onboarded will earn a discount of 5% on trading fees. Revenue share will be settled every 28 days, matching the dYdX epoch schedule.

The revenue share % will be determined at the time of each calculation based on the affiliate’s $stkDYDX and $DYDX balance. These holdings will offer affiliates higher percentages of Trading Fees for those who use their affiliate link. Below is a table of fees earned based on the size of current holdings.

$DYDX + $stkDYDX Holdings

Trading Fees Earned

















When are my affiliated Trading Fees sent? Where are they sent to?

Affiliate rewards will be sent approximately 7 days of the end of the epoch in which dYdX receives associated trading fees from qualified referrals. Affiliate rewards will be paid in USD Coin (USDC) to the affiliate’s dYdX account on the dYdX protocol.

Where do I need to hold my stkDYDX?

stkDYDX needs to be held at the Ethereum network address linked to the Affiliate’s dYdX account.

How often are the stkDYDX snapshots taken?

Approximately every 10 minutes we process all affiliate revenue for the previous 10 minutes and the revenue share tier you’re in depends on how much stkDYDX the affiliate has at the moment we process.

Is there a cap on revenue share per user?

Yes, currently this cap is $75K per epoch.

Example 1: If a user pays $500K in fees during a period, the affiliate rev share would be $75K. The affiliate commission for this specific user would be $75K * 0.2 = $15K (assuming the affiliate held 0 stkDYDX)

What happens once I earn $600 from my affiliate link?

If you have not done so already, your affiliate link payments will be paused until you successfully complete compliance reporting requirements. Your affiliate link will continue to accrue revenue even if payments are paused for your account. Accrued payments will be sent to your account in the next batch of affiliate payments (~ 7 days after the end of the epoch). For more information, please see the Self-Service Affiliate Agreement.

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